To The Battle of Wits, DFER Comes Unarmed

The fraternity brothers of Democrats for Education Reform decide to take on Diane Ravitch–with predictable results.

It all started when the brothers of Delta Epsilon Rho, otherwise known as Democrats for Education Reform, got wind that Diane Ravitch did NOT take them seriously. After the DFER boys learned that Ravitch had questioned why groups like DFER, the Michelle-Rhee fronted Students First, and countless other corporated-funded #edreform groups never seem to advocate for smaller class sizes, the reversal of budget cuts, etc., it was GAME ON.

 DFER has sent out like 9 different press releases and three memos praising President Obama’s education budget and the President himself, whom they call the Reformer In Chief (DFER in the House–Holla!). And Diane Ravitch, who thinks that she is SO smart, doesn’t seem to know about any of this. Which prompted a DFER blog post entitled Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, which I suspect was written after a DFER House keg party.

The DFER men were particularly mad that Ravitch refused to acknowledge that they are in fact warriors against inequity. That’s why they totally support policies that “seek to expand public school choice options or to lessen the grave inequities suffered by poor and minority students with regard to talented and effective teachers.” In other words, what is wrong with her??? The post’s author, whose name really is Charles, can hold back no longer and erupts in John Belushi style rage.

But I wonder whether seasoned journalists like Charlie Rose or John Merrow, who have basically taken Ravitch at face value, appreciate being so artfully misled by her. I wonder how many of her 31,000 twitter followers want to be lied to? In the short-term, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Because in the long-run I believe what Martin Luther King said, that “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

I suspect that Charles is referring to that little known passage in King’s “I have a Dream” speech in which he said that “ending quality-blind layoffs is the social justice issue of our time.”

If I’m Diane Ravitch right now, I’m feeling seriously out-gunned. I mean this is some major intellectual fire power going on up in here. She ignored them.

This week DFER doubled down with this HILARIOUS top ten list: Top Ten Thing that May or May Not Be True About Diane Ravitch. I suggest that you read it after consuming a lot of beer through your favorite beer bong. Because like most things about DFER and the phony #edreform movement, it only makes sense when you read it with one eye closed.

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