The Rich and the Rest

Have You Heard episode #98: The Rich and the Rest

There is a vast gulf between the public education priorities of most voters and the favored policies of the very wealthy. Nowhere is that gap more visible than in Arizona, where support for public education has emerged as a central issue in 2020. Complete transcript of the episode is here.

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  1. Hi: Thank you for your work. I just received my copy of your new book, which I’m reading quickly. It is excellent. You cover a lot o the same things as I do in my publications: the most recent of which is “Opting out” co-authored with two parents who were instrumental in starting Long Island Opt Out and NY State allies for public education. I’ll gladly send you the book or books. My previous book was “THe End of Public Schools.” Quick question: i am currently writing about the opt-out movement and teacher strikes. Where might I find data on how many teachers have gone on strike over each of the last several years?

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