The Mismeasure of Schools: Data, Real Estate and Segregation

Have You Heard Episode #23: The Mismeasure of Schools: Data, Real Estate and Segregation

In this episode, Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider discuss how test scores and other current metrics distort our picture of school quality, often fostering segregation in the process. What would a better set of measures include? Our intrepid hosts venture inside an urban elementary school to find out. You can read the entire transcript here, and be sure to check out Jack’s new book, which is really the star of the latest episode.


  1. I have to say this podcast was refreshing for me to hear because whenever I am talking with people, they assume test scores and school quality are directly proportional. You helped to reassure me that this is not the case, and you introduced me to some new ideas about how test scores are almost like demographics in disguise. I am a little curious to see the research behind the claim that students who perform well on standardized tests will perform well on the standardized test no matter where they are. Could you possibly point me in a direction of what you read that helped to you to come to this conclusion?

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