The Future of Teaching is 4 Bad Asses

Good news lovers of excellence. The future of teaching has arrived and it is for *bad asses* only. What is a bad ass, you ask? Chances are, if you have to ask the question, you are not one and hence not remotely qualified to apply for the following actual job that I have merely copied and pasted verbatim. Lest you think that is something that I am making up, I refer you to the actual job posting here. But don’t delay—bad asses move fast. They know that excellence never rests and that the achievement gap won’t close itself. 

We Actually Don’t Know What To Call This Job — Are You Interested?

Match EducationBoston, Massachusetts, United States

This job has components of: teacher, principal, and teacher coach.  Ahem.  Let us explain. 

Match Next is the name of a new charter being developed in Boston.  It’s a No Excuses school, but with a “blended learning model.”   

 A Match Next “teacher” does not do conventional teaching.  Instead, imagine a room with 10 teacher residents (all recent college grads), each working with 3 students.  

 a. Like a principal managing rookie teachers, the Match Next Teacher manages all of those 10 full-time tutors — bosses them around, coaches them, develops them, inspires them.  

 b. Like a conventional teacher during “independent practice time”, a Match Next Teacher circulates constantly and jumps in with these tutorial groups — helping kids, troubleshooting problems, dealing with off-task kids, making sure advanced learners are being addressed, etc.  

 c. There is no 4 to 5 hours a day of teach a lesson to 20+ kids, like a conventional teacher.  No grading papers.  No entering grades.  That’s gone from the Match Next Teacher.  

 *Instead all the work is: making and refining great curriculum (including technology-based curric like Khan Academy); training and aggressively coaching the tutors; and really digging deep on figuring out each INDIVIDUAL kid and what he/she needs.  You have to love all 3 puzzles to love this job.  

*Finally: This job has a hard stop at 6pm for Match Next Teachers.  We’re building the school from Day 1 to take that as a “fixed variable” — just like our operating budget, we’ll force ourselves to live within the allotted resources.  

Who is this right for?  

*A current bad-ass No Excuses teacher with leadership chops, who is thinking about becoming a principal, but worries about missing that academic connection with kids


*A current No Excuses principal or leader, who loves the 1:1 with kids and staff, but misses the in-the-trenches job of getting kids to learn and love math and English (and possibly wants a more sustainable work/life balance).  

How to Apply

If you are interested in either applying or finding out more about this position, please send your resume to the Director of Recruitment, Mr. Min Ji, at

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  1. That job is so transformational that I fear for the safety of those to be transformed! Starting with the 10 “teacher residents” in each classroom, who will clearly be “volunteers”, because we all know that the money-follows-the-students charter funding formula doesn’t allow for 10 paid teachers in each classroom* **.

    * In addition to the bad-ass.
    ** Unless you enroll enough kids to cover your fixed costs; anything above that is quite lucrative, and if you don’t spend it, you have to give it back to the sending districts!

  2. 10X3= 30. Isn’t that how many students a real teacher instructs during the day without the aid of 10 doe-eyed resume builders? Some bad ass. The resume sounds like it was written by Harold and Kumar after one of their trips to White Castle. These yuppies like to make the wimpiest things sound like they take a handlebar mustache and a Harley Davidson blaring Back in Black to complete.

  3. Love how they use hip lingo like “curric”. Yeah, who needs those extra two syllables? Leaves more room for excellence! Is anyone else going to “apply” for this gig? I just can’t help myself.

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