Terrible Twos

EduShyster turns two years old—and confronts some fiercely urgent questions…

toddler pics 4So what are some of the big lessons you learned this year?
That when you establish yourself as an obnoxious online presence, you go over surprisingly well when people meet you in real life. And that when you use a combination of facts and whimsy, and basically say the same things over and over again, every once in a while people actually pay attention. Also, that there appear to be quite a few people doing extraordinarily well by *doing good*…

toddler pics 5You’re still thinking about those sheets at Camp-Reform-a-Lot, aren’t you?
And the robe of reform. It was just so…luxurious. This is why I need to try to score some big-money backers when I go to Vegas.

Wait, you’re going to Vegas?!? You’ve never been there before.
I am indeed. I’m headed to the big charter school confab at the end of the month because, well, *The Numbers Add Up.* (Note: this is actually the theme of the conference which pleases me greatly.) I’ll be on the look out for tensions and contradictions within the charter school movement. And of course I’m looking forward to taunting my number one reformy fan, Andy Smarick, in person. Holla!

Then will it be time to go back to Chicago? You miss the heartland and it will be nice to see Karen Lewis again.
Definitely. In fact, if I can figure out how to swing it, I’ll be returning to Chicago and New Orleans for longer visits. And don’t forget, there are plenty of #edreform hotspots that I still haven’t visited—like Tennessee and Minnesota, the land of 10,000 reforms.

Won’t the man to whom you’re *technically* married miss you if you’re always galavanting around?
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as he is fond of reminding me. Besides there’s less recycling to do when I’m gone…

toddler pics 3One wonders when you’ll find the time to do any actual writing!
Oh I’ll find the time. Besides I’ve already settled on a theme for the year ahead. I’m going to be taking a *deep dive* into the myriad intersections of education reform and late capitalism.

Ugh! Sounds grim, and kind of boring. Can’t you just trash TFA and talk about wine boxes?
Maybe on special occasions. I’m growing up, though. Like a fine wine(box) I’m getting better with age. 

toddler 1Um, have you actually read your blog?
No comment.

Just how long do you plan on keeping this thing going, anyway?
Till I run out of things to say or go broke—which ever happens first.


So is this the point where you hit people up for money?
I fear that moment has indeed arrived… Note: EduShyster is a labor of love and receives no financial support save for the generous donations of individuals like you. All contributions go to fund disruptive activities. Thanks for reading! xoxo Jennifer

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  1. Happy birthday–and put Philly on your list. We have all kinds of reformy horrors from funding cuts to privatization to incredibly stupid “report cards” for schools ( only for regular public schools of course, can’t let the charters face them).

  2. Yes to Philly! I was just there for a very brief visit and am looking forward to returning soon. You are indeed home to an astonishing array of reformy horrors–BUT you also have some pretty fierce people fighting for the public schools. I got to hang with Helen Gym when I was there and may never be the same!

  3. Jennifer, come and visit this winter, we’ll put some miles on my snowblower together. oxo

  4. I’m definitely coming to Minneapolis this year – it is our nation’s cradle of reform!

  5. I don’t know why the twos are considered terrible. I loved ’em (my girls’ I mean, although I probably loved my own too). So much easier when they learn to ask for what they want. And personally, I think willfulness is a great thing. And it just keeps getting better from here.

    Happy birthday and let me know when you’re next in Chicago!

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