Teachers 2 Hollywood: We Know How 2 Fix Ur Failing Films

When a teacher came across a recent interview on MSNBC with Hollywood director M. Night Shyamalan about his new book, I Got Schooled: 5 Keys to Unlocking Quality Education, he was struck by a thunderbolt of an idea. If Shyamalan, whose last film was a box office bomb, could offer insights about improving education, maybe he, a mere teacher, could finally solve one of the great mysteries of our time: why are so many Hollywood films so bad? What’s more, why should his lack of any direct knowledge about film making or Hollywood get in the way of offering a quick fix? And so #HowToFixFilm was born: five keys that can finally make bad movies better.

A handful of keys
But what are these five keys that could save you upwards of $15 at the box office? David Coffey says that retaining the best directors will be key to turning around an industry that in the last year alone has turned out such duds as The Lone Ranger, Jack the Giant Slayer and R.I.P.D. Says Coffey: “We know that there’s a direct relationship between good directors and good films—just look at the Oscars.” Another key key: getting rid of the bad directors. “We also have to recognize that there are bad directors and that those bad directors bring down the industry,” says Coffey.

In the following must-see interview, interviewer John Golden interviews Coffey about his 5 keys to Fix Film. You won’t want to miss a single key! And for a truly epic adventure, be sure to watch the original interview with director M. Night Shyamalan about his 5 keys for turning around our public schools.

Do you have ideas for how to turn around a failing industry or institution? No previous experience or knowledge required. Send tips and comments to tips@haveyouheardblog.com.


  1. I’d really encourage you to watch the M Night Shamalyan interview first – it is truly epic while remaining low budget. Plus it’s better to parody something people have seen.

  2. Don’t forget, in film, as in teaching, we should stick to what we know works, and also DEMAND EXCELLENCE, EXCELLENTLY.

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