Tested to Despair (and mad as @#$%)

The best thing about writing an anonymous snarky edu-blog is that you hear from so many interesting people. Just yesterday, for example, I was complimented on my excellent writing style, “just like JD Sallinger,” by someone named Shanghai Escort. Thank you sir (madame?), or should I say 謝謝?

Every once in a while I hear from someone who is not offering a product to enhance my organs. Such was the case with the public school teacher whom I’ll call Mr. Mell. EduShyster premium readers may recall Mr. Mell’s story. He teaches at a Massachusetts school where students now spend much of their time practicing taking standardized tests in hopes that they will finally, FINALLY, color in the appropriate bubbles with their #2 pencils when the real high-stakes test arrives later this spring. Note: make no stray marks!

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