Getting Schooled by the Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is looking to expand its market share in the lucrative public education “turnaround” space.

When Philadelphia went looking for a firm to devise a “turnaround” plan for its schools, city leaders made the obvious choice: hire a management consulting group with no particular knowledge of public education and pay them $237,000 PER WEEK. The plan has worked out very well for the Boston Consulting Group–think lesser known cousin of Bain or McKinsey; they’ll no doubt be able to parlay their “expertise” in transforming school districts  into another lucrative deal near you.

The Boston Consulting Group identified 60 schools to close and is helping line up private vendors to replace the Philadelphia School District’s unionized blue collar workforce. It’s all part of what one local rag described as ” just part of the blue chip consulting firm’s far-ranging effort to help the beleaguered city school system rethink how it does business.” Continue reading →