Minneapolis Rephormer Says ‘Elect me Maybe’

Minneapolis School Board candidate Josh Reimnitz has raised seven times as much as his opponent as out-of-state contributors and rephorm advocates have high-fived him with their checkbooks.

EduShyster has already written excitedly about Minneapolis School Board candidate and young rephormer Josh Riemnitz. Now at the urging of some of my Premium members in the Twin-Cities I’m revisiting what insiders are calling the “erase for the phuture of the Minneapolis Public Schools.” Full disclosure: EduShyster has only been to Minneapolis onceā€”AND IT WAS TOO COLD TO GO OUTSIDE. But just because one knows virtually nothing about a city shouldn’t prevent one from taking sides in a race (or using the pretentious “one” more than once in a sentence). You see reader, education rephorm is pretty much the same these days, in whichever of the phifty states one finds oneself. Continue reading →