When Edu Sharks Attack!

At the intersection of business and education policy lurk the *sharks*…

Shark-Tank-logo1Reader: have you ever found yourself binge watching Shark Tank and thinking that if anyone has the cure for our failed and failing public school it’s the sharks? Why, just the smoldering gaze of billionaire Mark Cuban is enough to spike achievement rates. And what if the *Queen of QVC,* Lori Greiner, could come up with a way for choosy choosers to order high-performing seats right through their TVs? Well, it turns out that great minds think outside the same box. I give you Ed Shark Tank—an idea so great that you didn’t even know you were waiting for it. Continue reading →

Reformie School

What I learned when I attended the EdReformies

Well reader: I did it. I attended the education reform event of the year (century?) and lived to tell the tale. In fact, I not only survived but I may have inadvertently learned a thing or two in the process. But from the minute I stepped off of the red reformie carpet I’ve been besieged by questions from readers. Well what are we waiting for—let’s go to the phones!

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EduShyster’s Goin’ to the EdReformies…

When I heard about the education reform event of the year, I knew I had to go. With leading reform luminaries gathering to mark the 20th anniversary of the Center for Education Reform, it’s guaranteed to be a star-studded night of innovation, disruption and excellence that also puts students first. But there was a problem. Scoring a high-performing seat at this year’s special Rat Pack tribute by the all-star band, the Reformers, was going to set me back a cool $250. Then a generous benefactor stepped forward and offered to make my dreams come true. Reader: EduShyster is headed to the EdReformies! Continue reading →