R U Career Ready?

Peering down into the skillz gulch

Once upon a time our public schools prepared kids on both sides of the excellence divide for a mythical place called “the future.” Students from non-excellent-ville went on to labor in factories, while their more excellent peers went on to college and then became bosses. But then the factories closed or moved overseas and, save for a handful of hedge-fund managers, the wages of just about everyone became less excellent. Which raises a fiercely urgent question: how should our failed and failing public schools prepare students for the non-existent jobs of the 21st century? Continue reading →

EduShyster Does Spring Break

Thomas Friedman goes down best with a jello shot and other lessons from America’s choice-iest state

Greetings high achievers. While you were administering standardized tests, preparing to administer standardized tests or boldly disrupting our hopelessly stifled public schools, I spent last week chillaxing in America’s choice-iest state. That’s right, reader. EduShyster took the show on the road to Florida, USA in order to enjoy an old-school style spring break. My travels afforded me the opportunity to learn many important lessons, including the following: when it comes to choice, you can never have too much choice, if it sounds too good to be true, you are probably in Florida, and current TSA regulations prohibit taking a winebox aboard a plane. Who knew? Continue reading →

Is Thomas Friedman a Low-Performing Columnist?

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman looks glum after learning that claims he made about Race to the Top have been widely and repeatedly debunked.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman knows that in these days of economic uncertainty there is only one sure fire way to ensure prosperity: marry a friggin bazillionaire attend college and hope to be able to land a job that pays enough to cover your mountain of student debt.

If you somehow missed Mr. Friedman’s love letter to Race to the Top and Arne Duncan, allow me to summarize it for you. You see dear reader, “the high-wage, medium skilled job is over.” (This statement comes to us courtesy of a Gates Foundation “senior education expert” who is no doubt both high waged and high skilled).

But there’s good news. It turns out that thanks to President Obama’s Race to the Top initiative, more students are racing to the top than ever before! Just how many students are racing to the top?  Continue reading →