A Little OxyContin with that #Edreform?


Students for Education Reform recruited a director of OxyContin-maker Purdue Pharma to join its board because no one from Crack, Inc. was available.

Regular readers know that EduShyster is WILD about Democrats for Education Reform, young country clubbers who bring the same laser-like focus to closing the achievement gap that they once brought to their squash and lacrosse matches. Today we turn our attention to DFER Man’s striving younger sibling: Students for Education Reform.

SFER’s story will sound instantly familiar to anyone who has ever been a young campus activist, fueled by little more than righteous passion and the occasional spleef. This ragtag group got its start just last year, and within months found itself with a posh Manhattan address, a board heavy with venture capitalists and hedge funders, and “amazing partners” like–drumroll please–Stand for Children, Teach for America and 50CAN, which bills itself as the 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now and operates something called 50CAN University or “Hogworts for Ed Reformers.” Continue reading →