2013: All Hail The EduPreneur

Ah, New Year’s—a magical time in which we renounce bad habits (excuse making, achievement gap widening) and promise to embrace more lucrative ones (excellence, innovation, MacGyvering). And while 2013 may be barely upon us, it is already shaping up to be the Year of the EduPreneur. But before we raise our collective wine boxes in a toast, let us first meet this homo innovatus.

Pronounced ej-oo/ˈ prəˈno͝or/, this 21st century being understands the vital need of investing in our childrens’ futures—as long as he earns a return of 7% or more. The edupreneur, a close cousin to the edvestor and the edushyster, is consumed by a single burning question:  How can I crush the achievement gap? How can I make some money off of the little bastards? Quite effectively, it turns out. No matter how far short the edupreneur falls of his stated, altruistic goals, he always seems to end up with a wheelbarrow full of edu-bucks.
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A Real Turkey of an Idea

The recent Daily Beast Innovators Summit produced one idea so spectacularly bad that is deserving of the EduShyster “turkey” award.

For those of you who are new to the fast-paced, exciting world of great edu-idea production, allow me to bring you up to speed. The process starts by convening a great many smart people™ to discuss big ideas™ for solving complicated problems, like how to fix our union stifled public schools. For example, the Daily Beast’s recent Innovators Summit brought together bold, fresh innovators like Joel Klein and Michelle Rhee to offer their bold solutions to “help reboot America, make the world a better place, and (sometimes) even get rich in the process.” Continue reading →