A Whiteous Cause

Introducing a new concept: “whiteousness,”  the unshakable belief that one knows what’s best for others, especially those of other races or lower income brackets.

Achievement-gap-measures that are all the rage in education reform circles are often fueled by a sense of “whiteousness.”

Today I invite you to ponder one of the great questions of our age: How can I pull down some serious cheddar in the name of the achievement gap? How has the civil rights issue of our time turned out to be the source of so many civil wrongs? Last week, a patchwork of groups from across the country filed civil rights complaints claiming that school closures and turnarounds are hurting minority students. In what can only be described as ironical, officials from the same Obama administration that hatched the achievement gap closing policies will now look into the whether those policies have violated civil rights. Continue reading →