Straight Outta Brockton

Brockton, MA is home to one of the best  urban high schools in the country. But instead of celebrating that success, state officials are considering a massive, for-profit charter school here.

A Massachusetts city says ‘no thanks’ to a for-profit charter school chain.

By Nancy Bloom, EduShyster Academy

Nearly 300 people packed a recent hearing to determine the fate of the public school system in Brockton, Mass. The bulk of the crowd belonged to the system’s defenders; students, parents, elected officials, teachers and union leaders lined up to urge members of the state board of education to reject a proposed charter school. SABIS ®, the for-profit chain behind the school, had a few supporters too—mostly men in suits—but it wasn’t their night.   Continue reading →

Fuzzy Charter Math Always Adds Up***

***After a few drinks…

Dear EduShyster:

I run an emerging chain of charter schools with many innovative best practices™, highly effective teachers™ and students with excellent posture™ who excel at test taking™. Also, we believe that every student is a scholar with outstanding growth potential.™ All of our many innovations and best practices are reflected on our website and in glossy promotional materials, what we call our Prospectus for Excellentus,™ There is just one problem. Our student data is a little, well, meh, and many of our former scholars turned out to have less than excellent posture™ so were forced to leave us before they could recognize their outstanding growth potential™.  Could this jeopardize our ability to open new schools wherever we want and land lucrative state contracts?

Charterus Maximus
ps: Please don’t tell my boss that I sent this as it could very well get me fired
pps: I am the boss Continue reading →