Flip the Board: Denver and the Politics of School Reform

For more than a decade, Denver has been a model for a brand of school reform centered on closing low-performing schools, opening charter schools and rewarding teachers for boosting student test scores. But a diverse coalition of opponents says it’s time to put the brakes on that approach and showed its strength at the polls in November by “flipping” the Denver School Board. Complete transcript available here.

Note: Education will play a major role in key 2020 election contests and yet the media keeps missing the story, or worse, getting it wrong. Have You Heard has a plan for that. We have an ambitious 2020 travel agenda, but to hit the road we need your help.

Unmaking the Ontario Model: Austerity Comes to Canada

Deep spending cuts and ballooning class sizes are coming to Ontario. Have You Heard talks to parents, students and teachers in Toronto about what controversial changes proposed by the new conservative government will mean for a public education system success story. Hint: nothing good… Full transcript available here.

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