The Bad Business of Education Reform

An MBA student says that the business-based ideas creeping into education are  as outdated as the Model T.

By Susan Altman, Oxford University

As someone with an understanding of what current companies consider “good” business practice, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The  “business-based” assumptions and strategies being used to justify much of contemporary education reform are as outdated as the Model T. Which makes me wonder, would these ideas even be taken seriously by mainstream operations experts in any other industry? Continue reading →

The Buck Starts Here

A Utah charter school is growing the next generation of capitalists

Like you I was forced to learn many things at school that I have absolutely no use for in the 21st century—like speling. And I literaly cannot count the number of times that I have not had to use math. That’s why I was so excited to learn about a boldly innovative new school in Utah which is teaching kids to be makers, not takers. Students as young as kindergarten are learning to become the bosses of tomorrow today by mastering business skills and practices including sales, marketing—even PowerPoint. They can even get a jump on the exciting world of work that lies ahead by working in the school store. Continue reading →