Bad Medicine

The Obama administration prescribes pay-for-performance for doctors. What could possibly go wrong?

bad medicine 3Do you ever feel as though reading one more word about our failed and failing public schools will cause your head to pop off of its very brain stem and spin wildly in the air before reattaching itself at an angle most askew? That is what is known as a medical condition, reader, which is why I am prescribing for you an immediate treatment course consisting of a winebox, bed rest and a change of scenery. Today’s topic: health carespecifically the Obama administration’s brilliant new policy of rewarding the excellence of doctors and hospitals through an innovative approach called *pay for performance.* What could possibly go wrong? Continue reading →

Greetings from the Rephormiest Place in America

Pioneers for excellence and choice break ground on what will be the 13th charter school in Douglas County, Colorado, the rephormiest place in America.

Reader: nothing brings me more joy each day than the arrival of the EduShyster mailbag. Will it contain a shiny alert from one of the interchangeable #edreform PAC-lets, trumpeting vaguely and ominously about parents’ rights? Or perhaps there is to be news of a fresh new study boldly claiming the need for freshness and innovation in our schools—if we are to begin to try to meet the anticipated needs of tomorrow today…

Alas, the EduShyster mailbag contained something far more delightful: a postcard from an EduShyster premium reader who happens to find herself living, teaching and parenting in one of the rephormiest places in the US of A: Douglas County, Colorado. For those of you who have not been able to experience the excellence and innovation in the Centennial State’s eighth most populous county for yourselves, allow me to summarize for you. There was a lot of Standing for Children, followed by a surging grassroots movement demanding Excellent Teachers and Excellent Leaders, the creation of a bold new system that rewards Merit and Excellence in our Schools as well as a Blueprint for Choice. Now, like pioneers in a covered wagon, the children of Douglas County are hurtling towards World Class Outcomes, a new generation of creative, financially literate critical thinkers, globally aware problem solvers, and adaptable, ethical, resilient collaborators. Continue reading →