First Annual Bad Education Journalism Contest

Don’t delay—submit your entries today!

EduShyster is pleased to announce the first ever Bad Education Journalism Contest. At last an opportunity to recognize the best of the worst: stories larded with edu-cliches, based on faulty premises, reliant on questionable “experts,” shot through with silver bullets, full of barely disguised product placements, sprinkled with conflicts of interest and a hint of hypocrisy–and that’s just the front section!

Contest rules and deadline
Simply send a link to the story and the reason you think it is worthy of nomination to or tweet @EduShyster by September 15. Winner will receive two complimentary tickets to “Won’t Back Down,” the true story of a group of California parents who fought to turn their local school over to a private charter operator with the aid of a California billionaire. Continue reading →

Pregnancy Test Scandal Shows Charters Are ‘A Little Bit Public’

Girls at a Louisiana charter school got pregnant after their boyfriends released the parent trigger.

When EduShyster heard that a Louisana charter school is requiring girls suspected of being pregnant to take a pregnancy test–and kicking out anyone who tests positive–my first thought was: now that’s a high stakes test. Followed by: what a great idea! After all it is a well known fact that pregnant teens do not score well on standardized tests due to hormone induced wooziness. Also, their posture tends to suffer, especially in the third trimester, and there can be “no excuses” for that. Continue reading →