Different Strokes for Different Folks?

No excuses-style charter schools, known for rigid discipline and a college prep focus have seen explosive growth in urban areas over the past decade. And supporters of the model point to parent demand as the fuel. According to Eva Moskowitz, CEO and founder of New York City’s Success Academy, parents—overwhelmingly Black and Latinx—enroll their kids in no excuses schools because they “believe in strict discipline.” But has anyone ever asked these parents if that’s really the case? In the latest episode of Have You Heard, we talk to researchers Mira Debs and Joanne Golann who focus on two very different school models: public Montessori and urban no excuses schools. They talked to parents at both kinds of schools and found remarkably similar views. “Parents from all backgrounds want strong academics AND respect for their children.”

Full transcript available here.

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The Scratch n’ Sniff Guide to Phony Education Reform Groups

Just in time for the start of the school year, this handy EduShyster scratch n’ sniff guide can help you smell a phony ed rephorm group from a mile away…

The start of the school year will no doubt see the appearance of an alphabet soup’s worth of education reform groups popping up in a community or on a campus near you. But how to tell if said groups are  something rather less than meets the eye–let’s call them rephorm groups, shall we? This handy EduShyster scratch n’ sniff guide can help you smell a phony from a mile away. Continue reading →