A Blueprint for ¢hange for Troubled Boston Globe

To: Boston Globe Editorial Staff

From: EduShyster

Re: Boston Globe Turnaround Plan

Well folks, I’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s start with the great news, shall we? There’s FINALLY a coherent plan in place to improve the performance of the Boston Globe, which has been plagued by plunging readership and advertising revenues for YEARS. The plan doesn’t call for anything as dramatic as mass firings of Globe writers and editorial staff (although Larry H. will probably be working what we call in the biz “an extended day.” )

Free daily newspapers will play a key role in the redemption of the Boston Globe. Successful operators, including the Boston Metro, local college newspapers and random blogs, will form partnerships with underperforming departments at the Globe to provide management oversight and produce stories that people actually read. But Globe writers will also have the opportunity for autonomy, if they are up to the task of raising circulation levels for the troubled daily. Should the writers fail to make the most of this freedom from editorial control, more free dailies will likely be recruited for the task in the coming years. Capiche? Continue reading →