Cristal Ball

A look ahead at some of the trendiest trends of 2014…

Why it seems like only yesterday that we were All Hailing the EduPreneur, raising our wassail boxes to his (and her) unique ability to *do well* by *doing good.* So what does 2014 have in store for us? Will it be as disruptive, innovative and excellent as its predecessor, or will it be even more disruptive, innovative and excellent? What new jargon will climb to the very top of our *must spout* list? And how much leftover wassail will it take before we all forget that 2014 was supposed to be the year of universal proficiency? Here’s a peek… Continue reading →

Steve Perry Talks to White People

Dr. Steve Perry, America’s “most wanted educator,” thrilled Minneapolis by “bringing it” and “raising the roof.”

This week found America’s “most wanted educator” venturing to perhaps the reformiest place in America: Minneapolis. There, Dr. Steve Perry delighted the reformer-heavy crowd with his unique brand of high-octane, high-expectations roof raising, including referring to teacher unions as “roaches” and regaling the audience with tales of children who are literally dying from excuses. In this special guest post, an embittered veteran teacher (is there any other kind???) weighs in on what she and her low-achieving colleagues learned from Dr. Perry’s visit—or what they would have learned had they not been too lazy to attend. * Continue reading →

Stop the Minnsanity!

The next stop on TFA’s “listening tour” should be CEO Matt Kramer’s hometown: Minneapolis

Minnsanity combines cronyism and contempt for democracy served up with a cherry of condescension.

If there is a single city in the US that perfectly exemplifies the insanity of the corporate education “reform” movement it has to be Minneapolis. The particular brand of reform here—let’s call it Minnsanity— combines cronyism and contempt for democracy in a neat, corporate-funded package topped with a cherry of condescension. But why take my word for it (or the word of the Minneapolis parents and teachers who seem to contact me daily asking what the @#$% is going on in their city)? Let’s climb aboard the education rephorm express and head to Minneapolis, whose name I have just learned was coined by the city’s first schoolteacher, who combined mni, a Dakota Sioux word for water, and polis, the Greek word for city. Continue reading →

Minneapolis: Land of 10,000 Rephorm Miracles

The Twin Cities’ Venture Academy is already raising expectations—not to mention a boatload of cash—despite the fact that the school hasn’t opened yet.

‘Tis the season for miracles and today I give you a miraculous one indeed. Imagine a school so excellent, so innovative that it has succeeded in raising expectations and boosting achievement before its doors have even opened. Where is this miracle occurring? Reader: it’s time to squeeze into your ski pants and slip the insulator over your wine box. We’re headed to Minneapolis, or as I like to call it, the Land of 10,000 Rephorm Miracles.
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Minneapolis Rephormer Says ‘Elect me Maybe’

Minneapolis School Board candidate Josh Reimnitz has raised seven times as much as his opponent as out-of-state contributors and rephorm advocates have high-fived him with their checkbooks.

EduShyster has already written excitedly about Minneapolis School Board candidate and young rephormer Josh Riemnitz. Now at the urging of some of my Premium members in the Twin-Cities I’m revisiting what insiders are calling the “erase for the phuture of the Minneapolis Public Schools.” Full disclosure: EduShyster has only been to Minneapolis once—AND IT WAS TOO COLD TO GO OUTSIDE. But just because one knows virtually nothing about a city shouldn’t prevent one from taking sides in a race (or using the pretentious “one” more than once in a sentence). You see reader, education rephorm is pretty much the same these days, in whichever of the phifty states one finds oneself. Continue reading →