No Strings Attached

I talk with Minnvestigative reporter Sarah Lahm about why some of the nation’s richest men are suddenly so interested in a Minneapolis school board election…

string_figureEduShyster: In my experience, billionaires typically got that way via selflessness—so I wasn’t at all surprised by your latest investigative piece that found that a handful of extraordinarily wealthy men have been pouring money into the Minneapolis School Board race and expect nothing in return. 

Sarah Lahm: That’s right. In a sudden burst of altruism, billionaires like Michael Bloomberg have donated lots o’ cash to the school board race, via the Minneapolis *Progressive* Education Fund. Now it does seem a little odd for little old Minneapolis to be getting so much attention from very wealthy and, as I’ve been assured, good-hearted people far from Minnesota.  They’re not after any particular outcome, by the way, just *strong leaders.*  Continue reading →