White Suburban Dads—Even Worse than Moms?

If you could ask Arne Duncan just one question, what would it be?

lawnmowerBy Patrick Hayes
If you could ask Arne Duncan just one question, what would it be? That’s the dilemma I faced when I heard that my district would be hosting a live Q & A with Big Dunk.There was the obvious choice:

*Whaddya’ get Bill Gates for Boss’s Day?  The man has everything.*

Instead, I settled on this: Continue reading →

The Lake Wobegon Academy of Excellence and Innovation

Welcome to Lake Wobegon Academy, where every student is in the top quintile…

Reader: we have a fiercely urgent problem on our hands. An epidemic of non-excellence in our public schools is holding the children of this once exceptional nation back and causing them to fall off of the ladders that lead directly to prosperity. Of course it is well known by now that low-income students are most likely to lose their ladder perches due to this plague of non excellence but now comes new evidence that this scourge is even more widespread than originally believed. Continue reading →

Will Teach 4 Food

Saddle up the reform ponies, reader. We’re headed to Tennessee—home to the Smokey Mountains, Dollywood, Graceland and a boldly innovative new way of paying teachers. If this bold new approach works, and studies already show that it has, Tennessee’s bold new approach will likely be coming to a state near you. Continue reading →

Let Them Eat Cake

Adell Cothorne has a message for Michelle Rhee and her successor, Kaya Henderson: “Let them eat cake.”

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss it, today marks the release of Michelle Rhee’s new advertorial, Radical: Fighting to Put Students First. So to mark this special occasion I’d like to propose a toast, although not to Rhee, whose ghastly edu-celebrity may at last be waning (see book sales, declining number of).  Let’s raise our collective wine boxes in honor of the woman who has emerged as perhaps the sharpest thorn in Rhee’s side: former Washington DC principal and whistle blower extraordinaire Adell Cothorne. Continue reading →

The Official Education Rephorm Lexicon

A portfolio is a discredited approach to education reform and a brief case in which papers explaining the excellence of said approach can be carried.

Reader: like you I spend many hours each day aligning myself with the new Common Core standards. And already the payoff has been huge. My scores on the standardized tests that I administer to myself three times per week have risen incredibly, while my Value Added has also shot up, except around the house where I continue to refuse to lift a finger. Nowhere has my improvement been more excellent than in mastering new vocabulary. Yesterday alone I acquired two new Tier Seven vocabulary terms: oenophile and Jeroboam. Continue reading →