The Incredible Disappearing Charter School Teachers

By the end of a promotional video for Boston’s Match charter schools two thirds of the featured teachers no longer teach at the schools, while another has her eye on the door.

In case you missed it, Massachusetts now has a graduate school of education just to train teachers who plan to teach at a charter school. Why do charters require their own degree program? Turns out the answer has a lot more to do with quantity than quality.

Students who graduate from the Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education will leave with a Masters of Effective Teaching, and a guaranteed job. The degree is also a bargain–just $5,000, paid for by the charters who plan to employ the grads and subsidized by philanthropists. Any guesses as to who? Continue reading →

Lawrence: City of the Scammed

Ground zero for edu-shysterism in Massachusetts these days is the City of Lawrence.

In order to solve its many problems, new teachers must be imported into Lawrence, preferably teachers who know nothing about the city, its culture or its history.

Ground zero for edu-shysterism in Massachusetts these days is Lawrence. But don’t take my word for it. Savor the rich bouquet and heady aroma that is the official Lawrence Public Schools District Turnaround Plan. This gem of a document is so jargon-studded, so rife with edu-cliches, that steam seems to rise from its very pages. Here’s the gist. Lawrence, with the lowest median income in Massachusetts and a cast of cartoonishly corrupt public officials, has one big problem: its teachers SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Or at least that’s what our va-genius educrat leaders would have us believe. This jargon-palooza of a plan has a bold solution to the “problem” afflicting the Lawrence Public Schools: bring in tons of brand new teachers, ideally teachers who know absolutely nothing about the City of Lawrence, its culture or its history. Continue reading →