Boston Globe to Miracle Charter: You’re Not All That!

The red-hot love affair between the Boston Globe and UP Academy has officially hit the skids.

It’s time now for another installment of EduShyster’s favorite telenovela: “Nos Encanta Los Escuelos Charteros.” This long-running series features the Boston Globe in the role of love-besotted suitor, intent on showing its love for local charter schools through cartas de amor, otherwise known as news articles. When we last tuned in, the Globe’s mad luv for local miracle school UP Academy, appeared to have hit a rough patch. EduShyster can now officially confirm that the Globe and UP Academy are done, splitsville, broken up.
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Is the Boston Globe’s Mad Luv 4 Charters on the Skids?

As regular Boston Globe readers know (and there are still a handful of you out there…),G has MAD luv 4 our local laboratories of innovation and excellence, and none more so than a certain UP Academy. Since UP began its steady UPward trajectory in the spring of 2011, the Globe has devoted untold column inches to singing her praises, including this doozy of a love letter from EduShyster fave Lawrence Harmon: Continue reading →

First Annual Bad Education Journalism Contest

Don’t delay—submit your entries today!

EduShyster is pleased to announce the first ever Bad Education Journalism Contest. At last an opportunity to recognize the best of the worst: stories larded with edu-cliches, based on faulty premises, reliant on questionable “experts,” shot through with silver bullets, full of barely disguised product placements, sprinkled with conflicts of interest and a hint of hypocrisy–and that’s just the front section!

Contest rules and deadline
Simply send a link to the story and the reason you think it is worthy of nomination to or tweet @EduShyster by September 15. Winner will receive two complimentary tickets to “Won’t Back Down,” the true story of a group of California parents who fought to turn their local school over to a private charter operator with the aid of a California billionaire. Continue reading →

Time, Not Talent, Marks a Boston Globe Writer

Lawrence Harmon and other writers at the Boston Globe are covered by a union contract with strict seniority protections in the event of layoffs.

Study after study has proven that teachers get worse and worse the more experience they have. Actually, no study has ever shown anything remotely like this because it is an utterly preposterous claim. And yet I know it’s true because I read it in the Boston Globe at least three times a week.

The Globe’s argument goes something like this: teachers are at their very best when just beginning their careers. Fresh, energetic, innovative and hard working, they are undimpled vessels of excellence. But then that cruel bitch, experience, comes along and ruins them! While their fresh, energetic, innovative and hard working young colleagues race around in front of their smart boards, not content to rest for a moment lest the achievement gap widen under their watch, the old teachers sit at their desks, muffin in one hand, newspaper in the other, counting the days until they can get to Old Orchard Beach and unwind with a 30 pack. Do these oldsters even know what a smart board is???

A perfect stool sample of the Globe’s insistence that teachers get worse with time was on display recently in a Lawrence Harmon special called Talent, Not Time, Marks a Teacher. But don’t take my word for it. I insist that you enjoy some of Harmon’s nuggets of wisdom for yourself. Continue reading →