Long before Martin Luther King Jr. became the most ‘liked’ civil rights leader in Facebook history he was just another well-connected college graduate from out-of-town. Which raises an obvious and interesting question: were MLK alive today, would he do what thousands of well-connected college grads have already done and Teach for America? Great news reader: the answer is yes! Meet TFA MLK… Continue reading →

The Koppitalist System

TFA, Koppitalism and the quest for global excellence

Koppitalism is increasingly global and relies upon a vast army of foot soldiers.

No doubt you are familiar with capitalism, the economic system that has more Facebook likes than any other. But another powerful profit-making system is also making some waves. Known as Koppitalism, it has much in common with its better known elder sibling. Like capitalism, Koppitalism is guided by an invisible hand and directs its benefits primarily to the less fortunate among us. The currency at the heart of Koppitalism is *excellence,* which is accumulated by individuals at the top of the excellence scale and then trickles down upon those who have the misfortune of living on the wrong side of the excellence gap. Now, like capitalism, Koppitalism is poised to go global, leveraging scalability on a global scale. Here’s a look… Continue reading →