Is Education Rephorm Phever Hereditary?

There is growing evidence that rephorm phever may be genetic.

Reader: the rich are different from you and me. For starters they REALLY want to bring freshness and innovation to the public schools they didn’t attend—and they have the dough to realize their dream of a world in which every minority child will be taught by a young white teacher traverse the achievement gap with panache.

But it turns out that the species known as homo job creator-us may be handing down more than trust funds and horsemanship to their offspring. Like a Habsburg chin, a passion for education rephorm can also be passed from generation to generation. Continue reading →

Minneapolis Rephormer Says ‘Elect me Maybe’

Minneapolis School Board candidate Josh Reimnitz has raised seven times as much as his opponent as out-of-state contributors and rephorm advocates have high-fived him with their checkbooks.

EduShyster has already written excitedly about Minneapolis School Board candidate and young rephormer Josh Riemnitz. Now at the urging of some of my Premium members in the Twin-Cities I’m revisiting what insiders are calling the “erase for the phuture of the Minneapolis Public Schools.” Full disclosure: EduShyster has only been to Minneapolis once—AND IT WAS TOO COLD TO GO OUTSIDE. But just because one knows virtually nothing about a city shouldn’t prevent one from taking sides in a race (or using the pretentious “one” more than once in a sentence). You see reader, education rephorm is pretty much the same these days, in whichever of the phifty states one finds oneself. Continue reading →

Telling Fibs for America

I dedicate this post to my Premium Club readers who simply aren’t excellent enough to Teach for America.

Let’s face it: you and I are never going to be Teach for America material. But while we may not have the goods to join Wendy Kopp’s Kidz we can still experience their freshness and innovation vicariously: by watching the Real Housewives of Miami host a benefit for TFA on Bravo. No doubt you are wondering how in the world EduShyster could know such a thing…Reader: I fear that mine has been a wasted life of debauchery and exceedingly low expectations.

But what if you want to associate yourself with the excellence of the TFA brand without besmirching thyself with the taint of reality television? Good news again: you can vote for one of an apparently ENDLESS supply of TFA candidates currently running for office. You see, once the two years are up and the TFA-er is officially a life-long educator, it’s time to take the next logical career step: talking about one’s accomplishments to the broadest possible audience. Continue reading →