It’s About Innovation, Not ‘Privatization’

Edu-entrepreneur Joel Klein has a message for all of you haters: It’s about innovation, not privatization.

When it comes to the best way to turn around our disastrous public schools virtually everyone who is anyone agrees: the schools need “stuff,” lots and lots of “stuff.” But the question remains: what kinds of edu-products should we use to fill in the achievement gap? In other words, once we’ve finally freed up all those edu-bucks by getting rid of the LIFO lifers with their outrageous salaries and benefits, what cool products should we spend the money on? The possibilities are limitless.

Reader, I’d like to introduce you to a product pioneer. His name is Joel Klein and he is on the job 24/7 thinking about the edu-stuff that will FINALLY turn around our failing schools. If you notice that he looks VERY relaxed in the picture above, that is because Mr. Klein and his colleagues at Amplify, the edu-products division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, have already solved this challenging conundrum. Drum roll please. The answer is: An interactive 4G tablet, with WiFi and technical assistance provided by AT&T. OMG, are they serious??? Let’s watch the promotional video together (I’ll be watching mine on an interactive 4G tablet): Continue reading →