Teachers 2 Hollywood: We Know How 2 Fix Ur Failing Films

When a teacher came across a recent interview on MSNBC with Hollywood director M. Night Shyamalan about his new book, I Got Schooled: 5 Keys to Unlocking Quality Education, he was struck by a thunderbolt of an idea. If Shyamalan, whose last film was a box office bomb, could offer insights about improving education, maybe he, a mere teacher, could finally solve one of the great mysteries of our time: why are so many Hollywood films so bad? What’s more, why should his lack of any direct knowledge about film making or Hollywood get in the way of offering a quick fix? And so #HowToFixFilm was born: five keys that can finally make bad movies better. Continue reading →

“I See Bad Teachers…”

“I see bad teachers…. Walking around like excellent teachers….”

Reader: when viewing the latest blockbuster at my local megaplex, I often find myself wondering whether the director of said film has any ideas for reforming our failed and failing public schools. That’s why I was so pleased to learn that M. Night Shyamalan, maker of such hit films as the Sixth Sense, Signs and The Last Airbender, has embarked on a Titanic-sized project: closing the achievement gap Continue reading →