Who Does Peter Greene Think He Is?

In which I interrogate the one-man writing machine known as Curmudgucation…

p haircut

A young Peter Greene.

EduShyster: You started your blog, Curmudgucation, about a year and a half ago, and by my count you’ve written close to 782,000 posts since you went live. So I put to you the question that no one else has had the nerve to ask: Is Peter Greene a person or is he actually an algorithm? 

Peter Greene: If you ask my 11th grade English students they’ll tell you that I’m the monster in the closet… I’ve been doing opinion writing since I was in college, and I’ve had a newspaper column for the past 15 years. The guy who originally hired me gave me a few parameters. Anything I write has to have a local angle and I can’t libel anyone. As long as I stay within those lines I’m OK. But my editor would only tolerate so much writing about education. And as things started heating up in the world, the more things I felt like I needed to say. Continue reading →

IsSTEMbul (Not ConSTEMtinople)

To prevent an anticipated gaping gap in STEM graduates, Massachusetts must lift the charter fez.

Can a burgeoning Turkish empire of science charters that is absolutely not affiliated with the Gulen movement solve our looming STEM emergency?

By the time you finish reading this sentence, our failing public schools will have failed to produce 1,283 engineers, 396 brain surgeons and four rocket scientists. (Chances are, if you are a product of our failing public schools you are still digesting the former sentence). To sum up: we have a crisis on our hands, people. It’s called the STEM crisis and it is more fiercely urgent than all of our other gaps and crises combined. Continue reading →

Turkish Delight?

Massachusetts is home to two charter schools linked to a controversial Turkish Imam. Now two more schools are in the works.

Did you know that the Turkish language has no word for “tenure”? Actually I have absolutely no idea whether that’s the case, but what is true is that so called “Turkish” schools, math and science charters dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and innovation, are sprouting faster than cells in a petri dish. Massachusetts is already home to two such charters: the Hampden Charter School of Science in Chicopee and the Pioneer Charter School of Science in Everett. Now the Massachusetts Board of Education is poised to give the thumbs up to two more Pioneer schools. Continue reading →