¡Psst: Los Escuelos Charteros Have a Secret!

Little Carmen cannot attend an outstanding escuelo chartero because she is still learning English. ¡Maybe next year, Carmen!

Buenos dias chicas y chicos de EduShyster. Like you I am often confounded by a confounding problem: there are simply not enough words in the English language to describe how great charter schools are! That’s why I am pleased to introduce a new improved version of EduShyster, now in Spanglish. Let’s try it together shall we? ¡Los esquelos charters tienen muchas muchas mejores prácticas! ¡Excelente dear reader!

Tragically though, like a telenovela our happy tale has a tragic back story. You see, los escuelos charteros may be innovador y exceptional but not all of our nation’s children are able to enjoy their muchos muchos beneficios—and not just because there are more than 53,000,000 kids on charter school waiting lists. It turns out that los esquelos charters have a pequeño secreto: they don’t like los ninos who don’t speak Inglés. Continue reading →