In Lawrence, Farewell to Bad LeadersTeachers

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With characteristic transparency and a frisson of patriotism, the state-appointed receiver of the Lawrence Public Schools chose the waning hours of the July 4th holiday week to announce that he was firing 16 teachers.  Why choose the annual tribute to flag waving, beer drinking and extended family squabbling to begin the festival of bloodletting? Perhaps Receiver Riley felt he had no choice. With fireworks illegal in Massachusetts and even bonfires outlawed in some communities, teachers were the only thing left to fire.Certainly the firings come as no surprise.An exhaustive—and scathing—report by the state last fall concluded that the primary problem in Lawrence was poor teachers. Except that it didn’t find anything remotely like that. Continue reading →

Inve$ting In Kid Future$

By now you are almost certainly aware that the specimen known as the EduShyster (or homo educandus shysterus as he prefers to be called after a few Pimm’s Cups–see below) is consumed by a single all consuming question: How can I help to close the achievement gap? How can I make some @#$% money off of these little bastards? And yet as the EduShyster and his eduvestor colleagues can testify, making money off of our guaranteed right to a public education is not easy. There exists a shameful “investment gap” between the rich profits that the EduShyster knows are lurking within the classrooms and hallways of our public schools and the green stuff he has so far been able to extract from the system. That’s why I was so relieved to learn that a special conference is being offered just for eduvestors like us. Continue reading →