Not Another Bad Teacher Movie

“Won’t Back Down” isn’t just another bad teacher movie. It’s a really BAD movie about “teachers.”

EduShyster is counting the days until this fall’s must-see bad teacher movie, “Won’t Back Down,” arrives at the local mega-plex. J’adore movies that are inspired by true events, like “Alien” or “I Married an Axe Murderer.” In fact, excitement is so high in the EduShyster camp that I’ve already begun assembling the props I’ll need for the midnight showing: a bushel of rotten apples to hurl at the screen every time a bad teacher appears, a stack of phone books to symbolize the innovation-stifling heft of the teacher union contract, petition forms to gather enough signatures for patrons to take over the theater if the popcorn is stale.

So far early reviews of  “Won’t Back Down” have given the film an A+++++++++++++++++++. Of course these reviews came from the special screening of the film at the Democratic National Convention, hosted by Democrats for Education Reform and Students First. But what about viewers who aren’t jacked up on #edreform juice or know anything about actual public schools? Continue reading →