*Maybe I’m a Bad Kid*

Strict charter school discipline is especially tough on boys. Here’s one student’s story… 

By Steven Thomas

steven 2When I was in sixth grade I attended the Academy of the Pacific Rim. I went through a lot during this time. My mother and father got a divorce, and it was kind of hard on me. I didn’t know what was going on. This was the first time I’d gone to a school that was really challenging. The hours were from 7:40AM to 4:10PM everyday. I was just coming from elementary school, and the hours just seemed absurd. I wasn’t used to getting up that early or to being in such a strict school, and by the first couple weeks I was in trouble. On top of that, I had an IEP and I didn’t get a lot of help. At a young age I was diagnosed with autism. I didn’t speak until I was three and a half. I was in speech therapy for eight years. Continue reading →

Welcome to Good Posture Academy

So you want to go into teaching, but you know that a public school isn’t the place for you as you have heard about these innovation-free zones where iron-clad union contracts prohibit teachers from staying after school. This fact, by the way, is documented by the forthcoming documentary film, “Won’t Back Down.” Well, there is good news. No longer do you have to settle for a LIFO life of low standards. Now, thanks to the MATCH Teacher Residency Program you can become a MATCH teacher and say goodbye to mediocrity forever. Continue reading →