Eavesdropping on the Future of Education Reform

The overheard item below from a young woman about to embark on an exciting career at an “education reform company” in New York’s Financial District prompted additional snippets from readers. Here’s one from a reader who couldn’t help but overhear this principal of a charter school while waiting in line at an upscale food shop in Brooklyn.

Scene: a gourmet food shop in Brooklyn. A young, attractive and quite agitated woman is complaining that the teachers at the charter school she runs want to form a union.  “Here’s what gets me,” she said. “They keep saying they want to have a voice. But they have a voice! Why do they need to go off and have all these secret meetings?”


My new job is with an education reform company which is like so cutting edge, and the office is like totally moving to the Financial District. How cool is that?

Scene: Coffee shop in the East Village. A 20 something shares the exciting news about her new job with a friend. Hat tip to @MickPaddyMack for passing this along.

“They’re like an Educational Reform company…? And like their headquarters are in Borough Hall? But, like, they’re totally moving to the Financial District! And like they’re totally on the cusp of educational reform which is gonna be like HUGE? So, like, NOW’S the time to get in, because like Google just started funding them?

And, like, the schools they’re working in?….are in like Harlem and, like, way out in, I dunno, like, the Bronx and Queens? But, like, my office would totally be in the Financial District!  I’m like so excited?”

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