Why is Charter Math so Hard???

Charter math is more innovative than traditional, union- contract-stifled public school math. Which is why charter numbers don’t always add up.

One of the many ways that charters are truly innovative–other than in almost every way–is their truly innovative approach to math, or mathematics as some call it. In a traditional public school that is bound by an enormous and innovation-stifling union contract there is a strict requirement that numbers add up. But for innovative charters, well, it’s a little different.

EduShyster was recently schooled in the fine art of charter math thanks to reader @jshoreboston, a public school teacher who, it turns out, can add better than you might think–at least during school hours. Like most public school teachers, Shore is contractually prohibited from adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing on school grounds after 3:00 PM because that is when the school day ends and anything else, even a very simple equation, costs extra. I am not kidding people–it says that on page 542 of the contract. Continue reading →