The Problem with Fear-Based Education Reform

Did you hear the one about how schools should be run more like businesses? In the latest episode of the Have You Heard podcast, Jennifer and Jack are joined by business journalist Andrea Gabor, author of the new book After the Education Wars: How Smart Schools Upend the Business of Reform. Gabor argues that business DOES offer lessons for schools – but that the education reform industry has learned all of the wrong ones.

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A Whale of a Tale

Are Massachusetts Officials Out to Harpoon New Bedford High School?

Ahoy, matey! That great looming specter in the distance is not a mighty white whale but New Bedford High School being turned upside down and shaken till 50% of its teachers fall out. School turnaround time has come to this scenic, hard-scrabble seaport and our trusty state education captains have launched a full sail operation to convince New Bedford residents that throwing half of the high school’s teachers overboard is the only way to reach the distant shores of Excellence. But are the captains on a fool’s errand that could end up capsizing the ship of public education in the Whaling City? Continue reading →

Straight Outta Brockton

Brockton, MA is home to one of the best  urban high schools in the country. But instead of celebrating that success, state officials are considering a massive, for-profit charter school here.

A Massachusetts city says ‘no thanks’ to a for-profit charter school chain.

By Nancy Bloom, EduShyster Academy

Nearly 300 people packed a recent hearing to determine the fate of the public school system in Brockton, Mass. The bulk of the crowd belonged to the system’s defenders; students, parents, elected officials, teachers and union leaders lined up to urge members of the state board of education to reject a proposed charter school. SABIS ®, the for-profit chain behind the school, had a few supporters too—mostly men in suits—but it wasn’t their night.   Continue reading →