Thar’s Choice in Them Thar Hills

Will DougCo voters choose the right choice?

It’s election season in America’s choiciest locale, Douglas County, Colorado, USA. And that can only mean one thing: DougCo residents will soon be making a choice about choice. But will they make the right choice? And is there someone, or better yet, many someones who can descend upon DougCo in order to help them choose wisely? Reader: saddle up the ponies and prepare the choice wagons—we’re headed west.
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What can General Franco teach us about education reform?

By Mazinger Z

Francisco Franco embodied the “no excuses” mentality.

World history is filled with great lessons that we can learn from as we seek to right our listing public schools, *crush* the achievement gap and launch our students towards 21st century success and prosperity. While reformistas occasionally acknowledge the existence of the rest of the world, or at least Finland and Singapore, they need to go further—much further. Franco’s Spain, por ejemplo, may provide a shining beacon for their cause. In fact, the Generalísimo’s leadership embodied the “no excuses,” “whatever it takes” mentality in action. Continue reading →