Don’t Cry for Me Arizona

Cry for what’s left of your public schools…

Sad-Clown-Clown-ShortageBy Sharon Hill
Arizona schools chief John Huppenthal is sorry. How sorry? Really, really, really, really sorry. That was the message at the press conference that Huppenthal called last week, where he issued a tearful apology for anonymously offensive tweets and comments he’s made since 2011.  And while a growing chorus of critics, including the NAACP and even some of Huppe’s cronies, are calling for him to step down from the job of Top Troll and Chief Commenter, Huppenthal’s message is as clear as tears: he’s not going anywhere—not while Arizona still has a public school system for him to dismantle. Continue reading →

National School Choice Week—Is It Really Over Already???

National School Choice Week may be over but you can wear this choice swag every day of the year.

Reader: I fear the dreaded day has at last arrived—the end of National School Choice Week. Like you, I find myself wrestling with an urgent, existential question: how is it that an issue as fiercely urgent as school choice can be confined to a single week? Good news choice lovers: it turns out that National School Choice Week is actually a year-round organization with its own president who shows up for work during the other 51 weeks of the year—that is when he’s not out on other urgent choice-related business. Did I say choice? I meant ¢hoi¢e. Once again the civil rights issue of our time is demonstrating measurable success, in the bank accounts of the rephormers that is. Continue reading →