What We Talk About When We Talk About the Corporate Education Agenda

“Corporate education agenda” gets thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? In the latest episode of the Have You Heard podcast, we talk to economist Gordon Lafer, whose book The One Percent Solution, offers a comprehensive account comprehensive account of legislation promoted by the nation’s biggest corporate lobbies across all fifty state legislatures. The top topic of all of that legislation? Education. Lafer explains why major corporations – household names like Kraft Foods or United Airlines – have become active players in the realm of education policy. Warning: #29 may be our bleakest episode yet! And here’s the full transcript if you prefer to consume your podcast in readable format.

Smart ALEC

What’s the Fordham Institute doing hooking up with ALEC?

Today’s topic is relationships— specifically the recent hook up between the dirty dogs at the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC and a certain think tank known for straight laces, Educational Excellence™ and some seriously questionable dance moves. So just what institute has been getting busy with ALEC even as a growing roster of corporations dumps the increasingly controversial network? I can keep it to myself no longer, reader: it’s none other than our gadflying friends at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. But what brought this happy couple together? And is theirs a fling thing, or a ring thing? Inquiring minds most definitely want to know.  Continue reading →

Don’t Back Down

Recent weeks have been tough on our good friends at Education Reform, Inc. So EduShyster offers some valuable advice: don’t back down. Take off the leashes and the muzzles and let us know how you REALLY feel.

So you’ve had a tough couple of weeks. First there was the whole Chicago strike thing— which Jonah and Bruce assured us would NOT happen. And what was with all of the parents saying that they supported those lazy LIFO lifer teachers??? Don’t the parents get that YOU’RE the ones who care about the kids? I mean your ads and websites are filled with cute pictures of minority kids excelling and traversing the achievement gap. Does that not count for anything???? Continue reading →