Disrupt This!

What happened when teachers confronted a union-busting charter CEO at the National Charter Schools Conference in New Orleans?

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Charter teachers (and disruptors) Julia McLaughlin, Karla Tobar and Chris Baehrend.

When is *disruption* not just a super cool buzz word but something that’s actually, well, *disruptive*? That would be when teachers attending the National Charter Schools Conference in New Orleans asked the CEO of an Ohio charter management organization about firing teachers for trying to organizing a union at his schools—and using taxpayer money to pay the fine when he got caught. This went about as well as you might expect. And when security arrived, combing through the crowd for disruptors, that’s when things got really disruptive…  Continue reading →

David vs. Goliath, Inc.

Can a scrappy little army bring down #edreform inc.?

Reader: I have a confession to make. My path has not been a righteous one. In fact the last time I attended a church service was in the 5th grade, when, as a *plus one* with my best friend’s family, I would pass a confused, incense-choked hour thinking longingly of the donuts that waited downstairs. But that all changed recently when I accompanied wonder blogger Mercedes Schneider to her southern Louisiana church. Her pastor gave a sermon about David and Goliath, so powerful, so perfect for our *2 big 2 fail* times that I have been thinking about it ever since.  Continue reading →

Edushyster Speaks (and speaks)

Was the recent day of action to reclaim the promise of public education a flash in the pan or the start of something big? And more importantly, how will we measure the emerging movement’s effectiveness (and who can we fire when it fails to live up to its potential?) In an interview with Rob Perry of the Network for Public Education I answer these questions and plenty of others too—like what’s my favorite brand of winebox and if I could have any corporate sponsor in the world, what would it be? So press play and let me know what you think!