Storefront School: Excavating A Radical Education Experiment in Harlem

In the latest episode of Have You Heard we climb into the time machine and head to central Harlem in the late 1960’s, home to a radical—and little known—education experiment. For seven years, Harlem Prep, an independent school that was entirely funded by private donations, operated out of a storefront, sending students who’d dropped out or been pushed out of the NYC Public Schools onto college. Education historian Barry Goldenberg, the runner up in our Have You Heard Graduate Student Research Contest, takes us on a tour of a radically alternative school. And speaking of the Have You Heard Graduate Student Research Contest, it’s back! If you’re a grad student and think your research on K-12 or higher education is *pod worthy,* this is your chance! All the info you need is here. And a full transcript of our Harlem Prep episode is here