Single White Female

Many studies show that young white teachers are fresher and more innovative than their LIFO lifer peers of other races.

The achievement gap is the civil rights issue of our time—which is why it may be necessary for us to destroy a large part of the Black middle class in order to achieve our goal of closing said gap.

During the Chicago Teachers Union strike I encountered a stunning statistic. Since education reform arrived in Chicago, African Americans have dropped from 45% of the teaching force to just 19%. But how can that be? you must be wondering. Arne Duncan LUVS Black people. Alas reader, while the schools slated for closure, turnaround or charterization have had a significant percentage of African American teachers, the ones replacing them rarely do. But at least Chicago has made great strides in closing the achievement gap…

Chicago is not the only place where Education Reform, Inc. is quickly reshaping the teaching force into one that is fresher and more innovative younger and whiter. In urban areas across the country, middle-aged, middle class African American teachers are being pushed out to make room for the flavor of the day: vanilla.

In Boston a charter school will very likely take over Marshall Elementary, one of the city’s largest. Thirty two percent of teachers at the Marshall are African American vs just 14% of teachers at the charter, UP Academy. More striking still, not a single teacher at UP is over the age of 40. Reader: I feel old just typing those words so I can only imagine how you must feel reading them—old, old, old, and whatever the opposite of “fresh” and “innovative” is. You may be forgiven for uncorking your wine box just a bit early today.

As for Massachusetts’ other charters-on-the-move, the mini empires of excellence and innovation that are aggressively expanding through the state’s urban areas, their teaching staffs are incredibly young and  overwhelmingly white, even as the students they teach are almost exclusively African American and Hispanic.

Reader: in honor of this astonishing data I am suggesting that you enjoy a young Merlot, perhaps the whitest of all wines. Join me in toasting to freshness and innovation because there certainly seems to be a lot of it these days.

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  1. Young and white — means no one of color and no one who’s white and over 40 will be employed in these “reform” schools. This is racism and ageism at its best (or should I say worst). Clearly the goal is to churn and burn teachers. That way, they can keep salaries down and never have to worry about retirement — because the teachers will all quit between 5-10 years of service after getting abused.

    1. A tenure of 5 to 10 years at one of these so=called ‘reform’ charter schools would be unbelievably long. It’s almost unheard of. Most teachers, whether they be young and female and white, or anything else, are fired or quit long before then. Nobody can stand the long hours, lack of success, and abuse.

  2. Overwork then discard: this has been the formula of unbridled capitalism across the planet. Now it’s reaching the American teaching corps.

  3. Who better to colonize, I mean teach, the ‘takers’ about the grand earning potential of the FREE MARKET, than those who have reaped the most benefit from its miracles .

  4. Same thing happened in DC when all of those teachers were fired by Rhee. The majority of the teachers in DC were African American.

    Great article.


  5. New Orleans – DITTO
    It is clearly obvious that the reformers are saying that black teachers can’t teach black children. In New Orleans as in other cities teaching was the one professional career that African-Americans could pursue prior to integration, it has been the one place where we could make a difference in our future, our children. The education reforms has now taken that profession from the African-American community under the banner of helping those poor black children that are suffering in failing schools. The reforms are not only a dismal failure for our children but it has also taken middle class jobs from the African-American community; meanwhile Black children have exclusive white role models.

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