¡Psst: Los Escuelos Charteros Have a Secret!

Little Carmen cannot attend an outstanding escuelo chartero because she is still learning English. ¡Maybe next year, Carmen!

Buenos dias chicas y chicos de EduShyster. Like you I am often confounded by a confounding problem: there are simply not enough words in the English language to describe how great charter schools are! That’s why I am pleased to introduce a new improved version of EduShyster, now in Spanglish. Let’s try it together shall we? ¡Los esquelos charters tienen muchas muchas mejores prácticas! ¡Excelente dear reader!

Tragically though, like a telenovela our happy tale has a tragic back story. You see, los escuelos charteros may be innovador y exceptional but not all of our nation’s children are able to enjoy their muchos muchos beneficios—and not just because there are more than 53,000,000 kids on charter school waiting lists. It turns out that los esquelos charters have a pequeño secreto: they don’t like los ninos who don’t speak Inglés.

While public schools in Massachusetts cities have muchos muchos estudiantes who are still learning Inglés, these same estudiantes are mysteriously missing from los escuelos charteros. I too am baffled by this misterio dear reader. As we all know,  los escuelos charteros have EXACTLY THE SAME estudiantes as los horribles escuelas públicas. Surely there is a misunderstanding. Perhaps we will find the missing estudiantes when we consult el data. Note to premium EduShyster readers: today’s featured caja de vino is a Spanish Tempranillo. ¡It goes very well with el data!

Percentage of students classified as Limited English Proficient         School district

If you found yourself having to squint to read some of those numbers it’s probably not just because you’ve had a few too many pulls on the old caja de vino. Is .2% even a whole kid???? Readers of El Boston Globe will recognize muchos of los escuelos charteros on this list. They are among our highest performing schools, regularly putting los horribles escuelas públicas to shame with their freshness and innovation. Here’s a pregunta for you—¿¿¿do you suppose there could be a connection between being able to speak Inglés and how well one performs on a standardized test that is in Inglés??? Gee, no sé…

What do you think about los escuelos charteros? Write to tips@haveyouheardblog.com ¡Spanglish only por favor!


  1. […]   EduShyster is at it again.  This clever article, written in "Spanglish", highlights a few concerns related to charter schools.  One such concern is related to test scores of schools and how they related to language (ELL).   Thank you, again, for cutting through the distractions and going to the heart of the matter   "Here’s a pregunta for you—¿¿¿do you suppose there could be a connection between being able to speak Inglés and how well one performs on a standardized test that is in Inglés??? "      […]

  2. Ed,

    Can you find the equally dismal el data concerning socio-economics? It would be interesting to list both sets of el data together. My thought is the information would be illuminating.

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Nice! Yet another reason student performance data from charter schools is unreliable. I also have to add that this is cleverly and hilariously written. I would be interested to see how socioeconomic data compares, as well.

  4. RE Edward Brooke:

    A Boston Globe article from fall 2011 says that this school’s student body is “98 percent black or Hispanic and 78 percent low-income.”

    And you want to complain that not enough of them are also labeled LEP?

    1. The neighboring public schools are also 98% black/Hispanic (what’s that got to do with anything anyway?) and 78% low income, yet they have much higher numbers of ELLs, not to mention kids with disabilities, etc. Charter schools skim off the “best” of the poor kids (those with involved parents, those without disabilities, those fluent in English, etc.) and leave the rest at underfunded public schools and then turn around and point fingers at these underfunded public schools who take all their rejects because these underfunded schools with all the charter school rejects can’t work the miracles that charter schools do. Get the problem, or are you being intentionally obtuse?

  5. Me escandaliza and shocked that there are no LEP kids in the “high-performing” charter school. It makes me even more curioso as to why their pass rates are so el stinko on state standardized tests. Perhaps ustedes can follow el dinero…

  6. Gran post. My Spanglish no es muy bueno, pero puedo decir tuyo es grande. Nunca seré capaz de entrar en una de esas Cartas de alto rendimiento! Qué triste.

    1. A very disturbing quote I read in the PJStar this moninrg from Debbie Wolfmeyer to paraphrase she is worried that D150 wouldn’t have enough control over a charter school. Like, that would be a BAD thing? I left a message for Montelengo to see how serious he is about a City established charter school. Now THAT is something we should investigate

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