It’s Complicated

In which the JLV and I sit down in front of a couple of microphones—and things quickly get complicated…

Has it really been an entire year since I boarded the A Train in New York City, express to Intermediate School 52, to visit the classroom of Jose Vilson for the very first time? Last year I sought out Mr. Vilson, as he’s known in room 315, in search of hope, after a week of touring what often felt like the wreckage of NYC’s decades-long experiment with education reform. This time I was after something a little different: a chat, to be precise. You see, of late, the education landscape with its intersections of race and class and privilege has begun to feel increasingly complicated to me, and I often find myself looking to Mr. Vilson for the kinds of guidance that he offers up with (disturbing) regularity, such as here and here. And so I turned up at his school, again, armed with plenty of questions, not to mention a couple of microphones.

Thanks Mr. Vilson, for your hospitality. I’ll see you next fall! And a big shout out to producer Aaron French for technical assistance. Note: Aaron and I are hard at work on the first episode of our podcast (which may finally have a name!)

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  1. I dare you Edushyster. Ask the kids what they think all the Dumbo fuss is about, as Jose Luis advised. And prepare to have your socks rocked. Keep digging!

    1. What a great idea! I’m planning a return trip to NYC to hopefully talk to students at Democracy Prep about desegregation. Would love to add P.S. 8/P.S. 307 to the mix…

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