Have You Heard?

The podcast series that I’ve been talking about forever is finally a real thing…

hyh-beacon-imageReader—or make that, listener: the day that really seemed as though it would never arrive is finally here! You can actually listen to the inaugural episode of our new podcast series, Have You Heard, as soon as you finish reading this page. The concept is simple: the debate over public education has been reduced to a stale screaming match. Our hope is that by introducing the kinds of voices that don’t typically make it into the conversation, we can cause a little, well, disruption. In this first episode, we head to Philly to talk to African American parents who are opting their kids out of standardized tests. And that’s just the start. In the coming months, we’ll be heading to New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and beyond—the hottest of the hot spots in the battle to determine the future of our public schools. Now I know what you’re thinking: *Jennifer—you’re broke as you are constantly telling us. Did you re-marry up while we weren’t paying attention?* Well, not exactly…

Did I mention that there’s also an ambitious fundraising component to this project that you will be hearing about constantly over the next 30 days? Once again, I’m teaming up with Beacon, the crowdfunding platform that I used to raise money for my projects in Chicago and New Orleans. But this time Beacon has agreed to match everything I raise dollar for dollar. That means if you chip in $1, I get $2. You hand over $25, I get $50. And if I can convince a billionaire to part with part of his bundle (why are these inevitably a *he*???) I’ll get a double bundle! Here’s the link again just in case you missed it… Happy listening and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts—and your ideas for where Have You Heard should head next. 

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