Great EXpectations

Will the heaviest hitter of all lend His support to the civil rights i$$ue of our time?

Reader: there are already plenty of marquee names involved in the crusade to *crush* the achievement gap. But thus far the biggest name of all has yet to weigh in upon the civil rights i$$ue of our time. I am talking, of course, about the Big Guy, the Man Upstairs, Sky Daddy, Him… Thankfully, thanks to the efforts of a former Teacher for America, that may be about to change. Let’s learn more, shall we?

Meet the Expectations Project, an effort to enlist faith-motivated individuals, leaders, congregations and organizations in developing local and national campaigns that help enact transformational change for low-income public schools. Now this sounds great. And for once I am being completely sincere. Getting churches and their members involved in helping public schools in their communities, from volunteering to training to become teachers, really does sound like a great idea. But wait, there’s more. The Expectations Project also seeks to train a generation of “like-minded faith-motivated advocates for education reform.” Which is where my own expectations of what this project is really about start to plummet…

Can we talk about pension reform?

Like minded and like funded
By the time we get to the recommended resources section of the Expectations Project website, this particular sermon is sounding awfully familiar. There are the must-watch documentaries: “Waiting for Superman,” “Teached” and the “Lottery.” And like-minded faith-motivated advocates for education reform are presented with an array of like-minded, Walton-funded advocacy education reform groups with whom to partner.

There is Stand for Children with its gra$$roots movement to end the scourge of LIFO-liferism. Or how about StudentsFirst with its gra$$roots movement to also end the scourge of LIFO-liferism and empower parents to hand over their public schools to private management companies? For a little something different, there is Parent Revolution, which also empowers parents to hand over their public schools to private management companies. For a more youthful vibe, there is Students for Education Reform, a gra$$roots movement of students who “turn out students in support of ambitious, pro-student legislation.” And don’t forget 50CAN, from which like-minded faith leaders can learn that class size doesn’t matter and that pensions incentivize “low performers” to hang around, taking up the space that rightfully belongs to fresh, non-vested teachers with enhanced excellence.

The EX is for EXtreme
Are you smelling the same thing I am reader? Why does every road our like-minded faith leaders are invited to walk down seem to lead to the intersection of “freshness” and “choice”? In addition to being funded by the EXact same funders, the reform groups at the heart of the Expectations Project share another common trait: their EXtreme positions that turn out to be EXacerbating the very divisions of class and race they refer to so EXhaustively. As for the growing number of faith leaders who have begun to question the impact of education reform on their communities, I have faith that they will soon be leading a real grassroots movement.

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  1. I smell something alright, but “fresh” isn’t the word that leaps to mind, unless of course you’re talking about the “fresh country air” out by my friend’s house in Northeast Indiana. She lives by a pig farm.

  2. The ExpectationsProject is certainly heaven sent! To harness the power of true believers who follow Jesus’ path will allow us to bring justice to all and repair the urgent education crisis, which as we all know is do to poor teaching. Sadly this seem to be the only duty of the union: protect bad teachers! While teachers unions are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution or the Bible, experts say that God was notoriously critical of the organizations and refused to let His son attend a government-run school in Nazareth. Instead, Jesus was briefly home schooled before attending the Greater Nazareth Charter School, which, while funded with public silver and gold, was free from the strictures of the Nazareth teachers’ union contract. Historians say that the contract was some 43 tablets long. Jesus later attended the Nazareth Vocational High School where he graduated with a degree in carpentry.

  3. the phony sincerity of EXcellance coupled with the phony sincerity of community organizing of rather innocent faithful of any belief by EXpert organizers is the big problem. another
    dupe group for them to hide behind to push whatever malfeasant edupigdroppings the EXcellancemasters desire.

  4. I think He will, edushyster, because the one and only reason reformers haven’t gone to a straight voucher system is they think the dopes in the cheap seats aren’t yet “ready” for all that “choice”.

    Vouchers to religious schools are next, obviously. Half of the reformers are already there. They may even MIX choice and religion. We had a failing privatized for-profit charter “re-invent” itself as a Catholic school when the state finally moved to cut off funding. They are endlessly innovative. As long as it’s not a public school, they will back anything and everything; private, for-profit, non-profit, cyber, whatever. They’ll be putting up “school kiosks” at the mall here shortly. Anything goes in the land of excellence.

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