Education Can’t Fix Poverty (So why do we keep insisting that it can?)

Have You Heard talks to historian Harvey Kantor, the author of this excellent history, about how education came to be seen as THE fix for poverty. Hint: it all starts in the 1960’s with the advent of the Great Society programs. Fast forward to the present and our belief that education can reduce poverty and narrow the nation’s yawning inequality chasm is stronger than ever. And yet education, argues Kantor, is actually exacerbating income inequality. In episode #24, Have You Heard welcomes back co-host Jack Schneider—well, sort of! 

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  1. I do think it would be useful to distinguish between absolute poverty and relative poverty. You might have a country with no relative poverty in which each person can not afford sufficient food to live and so all are absolutely poor. You might have a nation with high levels of relative poverty where obesity is common among the poor, suggesting that all can afford sufficient food to live so there are no absolutely poor people. Thus, education can be the fix for absolute poverty while, at the same time, making relative poverty worse.

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