Greetings from Scamden, NJ

In Camden, NJ an effort to privatize the local schools finds little resistance among local elites

Camden, NJ teacher Keith Benson.

By Keith Benson
A recent *community meeting* at Camden’s Catto Elementary School exemplified the vast chasm that divides my city these days, between well-connected elites and the marginalized residents they profess to serve. The state-appointed superintendent of the Camden schools was expected to unveil the specifics of a plan concerning the district’s future. Skeptical local residents filled the bleachers, while Camden’s elites sat at tables applauding a *plan* that was as deliberately vague as it was short on specifics, including the names of the public schools that are slated to be taken over by charter operators. Refusing to name the schools prevents vigorous activism against closure. Instead, the crowd was urged to rally behind a pro-charter policy, *for the kids.* Continue reading →

Inve$ting In Kid Future$

By now you are almost certainly aware that the specimen known as the EduShyster (or homo educandus shysterus as he prefers to be called after a few Pimm’s Cups–see below) is consumed by a single all consuming question: How can I help to close the achievement gap? How can I make some @#$% money off of these little bastards? And yet as the EduShyster and his eduvestor colleagues can testify, making money off of our guaranteed right to a public education is not easy. There exists a shameful “investment gap” between the rich profits that the EduShyster knows are lurking within the classrooms and hallways of our public schools and the green stuff he has so far been able to extract from the system. That’s why I was so relieved to learn that a special conference is being offered just for eduvestors like us. Continue reading →